Zoe Law

Senior Consultant

Zoe brings a global perspective to the team, with experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies in Asia and the UK across multiple industries such as energy, consumer goods, marine products and automotive sectors. Her keen interest in new technologies & business models shines through her projects- such as helping a luxury car brand to reach new customer segments through crowdfunding, and leveraging IoT technology to improve consumer engagement for a global tyre brand.

Prior to consulting, Zoe experienced working in start-up, NGO and corporate environments. She led the launch of an international volunteering programme in China for a global NGO and,  whilst completing a masters degree at the London School of Economics, helped launch 3 start-up companies – a cheese business, a mobile app and an online art social enterprise. She then worked for leading wine and spirits company Pernod Richard in China, where she coordinated the nation-wide rollout of an anti-counterfeiting IoT system, launched a consumer mobile app to enable rapid expansion of loyalty programmes and a real-time business intelligence dashboard.

Outside work, Zoe is often found attending public lectures on political economic issues, planning her next cycling tour and dancing Brazilian Zouk – not at the same time.

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