Oliver Spencer

Engagement Lead

Oliver is driven by a fascination of new technologies and their application to science and business. He combines 9 years of business consulting experience at Capgemini with a deep understanding of both human factors and technology – ranging from a degree in psychology with philosophy, to computing and electronic engineering.

Oliver’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 16 when he proposed and built award-winning virtual reality software used to sell a local business (similar to Google Street View, 6 years before that was launched).

Since then, Oliver has built a track record of developing new business propositions, co-creating these with stakeholders to launch them within large organisations. His recent experience includes developing disruptive propositions in financial services, leading security transformation for London airports, and redefining the way taxpayers interact with HMRC.

In his spare time, Oliver enjoys inventive technology projects, holds a Private Pilot’s License, plays the piano, and competes at National and County level in target rifle shooting.

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