Karan Pinto


Karan has a strong foundation in first principles in Engineering and Finance, graduating with a first class honours in Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance, Accounting & Economics from University College London (UCL). He has a technology background with expertise in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
The entrepreneur inside him enjoys trying to build ideas and this has helped him gain a grip on not only management and operation aspects of small businesses but also has allowed him to dive into graphic design, marketing and branding. He has co-founded a watch, vape & art company.

On his path, he has constantly solved problems and found new approaches to doing things, whether it was building market research models at an online marketplace for office space (Hubble), design assembling self-driving Formula E race cars (Roborace), resolving bugs on a social media advocacy platform (SoAmpli) or satisfying customers at an outdoor cinema (Luna Cinema).

He has set up and lead Industry X.0 Innovation Hubs at Accenture, showcasing POCs that tangibly brought to life emerging technologies like the Blockchain, IOT, AI, Extended Realities & Advanced Analytics. He has also engaged in Management Consultancy projects in the Energy sector, on design, solution and implementation sprints. He has also been part of DevOps Technology Implementations aimed at uncovering data insights to drive business transformations.

He enjoys dance, data, trading, writing, film, climbing and fitness.

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