Going through this process made it abundantly clear that Inzenka was the company for me. The brief was challenging and interesting and gave me a real flavour of the work that’s done here and how much I’d learn at Inzenka


It’s been my pleasure to have been running recruitment for Inzenka since August last year. I thoroughly enjoy doing this as I get to meet a great deal of very smart people, learn about their experience and get their view on our industry. 

We’re the first to admit our recruitment process is quite demanding of candidates, but generally those who participate in it find it thoroughly rewarding. They value learning about how we approach problems and the criteria we know to be important when developing a new, disruptive business.

We’ve been told by many candidates that our process is part of the reason they end up joining. So, what makes our approach special?

Unlike many consultancies, we don’t just want to hire business school clones; some of our people come from consulting, but others have come from a role in industry, or have been an entrepreneur, developer or journalist. I was previously a designer at The LEGO Group. At Inzenka, we recognise the strength of diversity, and that a broad range of backgrounds and experience results in a better outcome for the client and a more interesting workplace. 

Many readers will have experienced the traditional approach to a consultancy interview – How many tennis balls fit in a jumbo jet? Why are manhole covers round? …and so on. We believe this is a poor way to identify great business builders – people who have the creativity, the commerciality and the resilience to launch a new venture.   

So, we like to give applicants the opportunity to show what they can do, whether they approach a problem as a designer, a hacker or a strategist. During our process we set candidates the creative and commercial challenge of coming up with a new business for one of our clients; this will be a real life brief that we’ve faced as a company. 

This isn’t about thinking on your feet or doing multiple arithmetic in your head; instead we want to understand how a candidate approaches the challenge, how far they can push the envelope (we love seeing a novel £100m+ idea), how they respond to challenge and feedback during the interview, and overall how they would hit the ground running at Inzenka. It also gives us a great sense of a new joiner’s strengths and development areas. 

The standards we set are high, but reflect the high quality of work we deliver as a company. Asking for this level of commitment means that we only go forward if both parties are genuinely willing to invest in the process. Overall, we’ll spend 6+ hours with a candidate throughout the process, giving them a sense of the collaborative way we approach client projects and the “stretch and challenge” we incorporate into our daily work. They’ll get to meet the whole management team plus a cross section of consultants. If all of that goes well, we’ll then invite them to join us socially and meet the whole team on an informal basis.   

For candidates that aren’t successful, we provide comprehensive feedback at all stages so that their time is never wasted and they take away some useful learnings and experience. 

We’re always on the look out for great people to join our growing team, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our current vacancies – http://inzenka.com/join-us/.

“The interview process was a very enriching and rewarding experience, as I discovered skills I was not even aware I had. I especially enjoyed the constructive feedback I received, which meant it was a continuous learning process. After going through the process, I had absolutely no doubt that Inzenka is the right environment for me”