Unilever asked us to help them with their ambitious growth target: to double the business while halving the environmental impact. We designed a platform to couple deliveries together for small businesses. Win win.

Refreshingly different, Inzenka bring a commercial pragmatism to disruptive innovation.

Director, New Business Unit, Unilever

Don’t take our word for it, this is part of our ongoing relationship with Unilever.

Back in 2008, Paul Polman, Unilever’s CEO, set out an ambitious growth target: to double the size of the business while halving its environmental impact, all by 2020. Inzenka has been supporting Unilever all the way along this journey by helping them to make the kind of game changing leaps needed to achieve their goal.

As part of a consortium with Unilever, backed by Innovate UK, we tackled that most difficult of problems: how to have low emission last mile deliveries. We did so for that hardest of demographics: small independent businesses, by providing a platform where they could bundle their deliveries together and so offer savings of scale, both in terms of cost and the environment.

We have helped Unilever explore other areas outside of their comfort zone too. We looked into wearables for them, well ahead of the curve, helped them better exploit their laundry IP and drove innovation into their Sustainable Living Plan. Such bright ideas should be bottled and sold.