When a Dutch farming magazine with a falling circulation asked us to help, we developed a totally digital peer-to-peer community, which they have been milking ever since.

Reed Elsevier’s publishing arm had a Dutch agricultural publication, Boederiji, which was facing the predictable twin evils of falling subscriptions and declining advertising revenue.

They asked us to craft a breakthrough digital offering that would put them back on the front foot in a rapidly evolving marketplace that was rushing to go digital. We created a peer-to-peer social network that would be as exciting for famers as it would be for advertisers.

Inzenka did a fantastic job of defining and building our “Connect” social marketplace for farmers. Their approach delivered a commercially successful proposition that has since been scaled globally.

Head of Emerging Business, Reed Business Information

We focused on the natural excitement farmers have for new products and services. The platform allows farmers to interact with each other. They can find out about new products, techniques and suppliers and share views on existing ones. They can discuss common interests or just read about events and the latest news.

The benefits for advertisers were immediately obvious. It gave them access to a digitised version of a natural network providing them with meaningful sales and engagement opportunities, with higher conversion rates.

But a good idea still needs great execution and in such a rapidly changing landscape time was of the essence. We rolled up our sleeves and built and launched the venture in under three months. And Reed Elsevier jumped over the moon.