When Philips asked us to look at new areas for their lighting control systems, a light bulb went on, and we saw the potential in fish.

Philips is the leading manufacturers of LED lights. They wanted to drum up sales, but we suggested that they begin designing and offering lighting control systems and services as well. We looked into several areas that have specialised lighting needs from poultry farming to museums. Our research alighted on aquaculture.

Excellent, experienced people with a pleasant dose of cheekiness.

Ventures Director, Philips

We showed fish famers how Philips could add value around health, sexual maturation, growth, food consumption, and flavour of the fish. We got fish scientists to create impactful “lighting recipes” tailored to individual species and locations.

For Philips, we took the risk out of expanding into new fields and they got bigger margins and higher demand than they had expected. The lights are still shining brightly.