We helped NHSi engage busy clinical staff with complex financial data to unlock savings for their hospital trusts.

We led a user-centric design project to identify barriers that users had to understanding of the cost productivity data published in the NHS hospital benchmarking tool. The tool presented complex datasets to a broad range of users, with different backgrounds (financial vs. clinical), level of seniority (mid and board-level), region and trust type.

We recruited nationally representative groups of clinicians and non-clinicians into a co-creation process. We developed existing target personas and conducted 1-on-1 in-depth interviews to uncover genuine unmet needs. We built a range of non-functional prototypes (paper to digital) to bring potential solution concepts to life and refined them in co-creation groups. This research was supplemented with a digital panel comprising wider users to support key needs prioritisation and improvement recommendations, with the majority accepted onto the development roadmap.

Through detailed user engagement, we managed to translate complex data into simple and clear language that all users were able to understand and engage with, no matter their level of competence in financial or medical data.