By creating a loan companion site for small businesses, we helped turn Experian from credit scorer to cash machine.

Experian asked us to help them move into the small to medium enterprise market at speed. We explored Experian’s abilities and assets and looked for the unmet needs of SMEs and spotted the matches.

We will lean on the banks to make this happen

HM Treasury

SMEs were looking for ways to shop for finance without damaging their credit rating. Who better to help them than a credit agency? So we created Cash Access, a robust and elegant interface to match lenders to small to medium size companies. In fact, there was such a shortage of access to liquidity for SMEs that the Treasury came on board to strongly back the venture. Within 60 days of the pilot launch, Cash Access delivered a $50m loan pipeline, and the six-month revenue target was fully met. How is that for putting your money where your mouth is?