We created an ambitious new digital platform that showed schools how to turn their data into savings with an insight generation tool linked to a procurement marketplace.

Capita Entrust has been providing outstanding support to schools in the Staffordshire region since 2013. They believed more needed to be done at a national level to support schools and academies in the face of challenging budget constraints. But saving money is not enough and so we dug into the heart of where schools needed help.

“What I liked about Inzenka was that they took the concept/brief and completely rethought it from the ground-up, which meant they developed whole new ideas which expanded the opportunity in a very practically innovative way.” Andrew Brown, CEO Entrust

We engaged hundreds of headteachers and school business managers across the country and used digital prototypes and mock-ups of possible platforms to identify their true needs.

The real challenge for schools is understanding how money spent, whether it be on books, supply teachers or maintenance, impacts upon the outcomes for pupils.

Inzenka designed a platform that could take data that schools generate locally, and link it to anonymised data from schools across the country. This would generate insights about pupil outcomes linked to budget allocation, school behaviours and external forces such as changing legislation. A recommendation engine would show schools how to get the best return on investment for every pound spent.

On the other side, a procurement portal was created with tools to access new ways of buying. From peer-reviewed tradespeople on a school-specific recommendation platform, to a nationwide school sharing economy, these tools would reduce the procurement burden on schools and allow them to focus on what really matters; best outcomes for pupils.