When consumers spend on average only 9 minutes per year interacting with their utilities, how can we make them care about energy?

We supported government’s strategic goals to make energy clean and affordable for everyone through a new digitally-led service. The energy efficiency advice service would gather large amounts of information about people’s homes and behaviour and offer personalised recommendations on how to improve energy efficiency.

“I think watching sessions like this with users should be compulsory for everyone in Policy – it’s so valuable.” BEIS Policy Lead

To ensure the service was truly user-centric we co-created and refined the prototypes with over 70 real users across England, including those with assisted digital needs. We used Google Ventures Design Sprints to drive a programme of experiments and iterated with users to learn first-hand what works and what doesn’t. We repeated these iterations until the prototypes met the users’ needs and no major issues were being raised.

We delivered a working and branded Alpha, encompassing key user journeys. The popularity of our designs with all groups of users demonstrated both the viability and prioritised requirements of the new digital Energy Saving Advice Service. This convinced BEIS to proceed with the BETA phase.