We popped in to see Barclays and met up with our electricity supplier, the water board and bought some shoes. We were surprised to see them all under one mouse.

Barclays has always been at the forefront of digital innovation; we helped them keep it that way. Most recently, they wanted to create a digital ecosystem around online banking allowing their customers to deal with a whole host of everyday transactions from their current account. This would let them provide a great service to their customers, differentiating Barclays from their rivals and opening a whole new business-to-business revenue stream.

The challenge, of course, was to figure out which partnerships and digital journeys made sense and then to secure those partnerships, all with the aim to launch a pilot quickly.

Barclays had been trying to for six months. We had it ready in three—with three of the big six energy companies, a major water utility and a high street retailer.

Taking the convenience of online banking to the next level.