We helped BAE Systems find a way to make your morning commute run more smoothly.

We’ve been helping BAE Systems diversify beyond defence for more than ten years, both by finding civilian and industrial applications for their technologies as well as leading them into entirely new spaces such as cyber security.

What keeps me coming back is the quality of Inzenka's output, which consistently brings new and meaningful insight to our business challenges and genuinely moves us forward

New Ventures Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Most recently we have helped BAE Systems use their big data capabilities to get commuters to work on time. We are working to reshape the UK’s transport sector through building a smart transport ecosystem, bringing data together from infrastructure, vehicles and commuters to offer better analysis, insight and ultimately smarter journeys. We will shake up maintenance, scheduling and performance by connecting trains, busses and their operators. Through live experiments, we’re learning how to make transport work better. Who knows, maybe we’ll sort out the chaos at Waterloo. We’re getting there too.