Introducing Go-Trade!; helping fund managers overcome the challenges to comply with increasing regulatory pressures on trade surveillance

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is a leading provider of Anti Money Laundering solutions for Retail Banking but wanted to develop a new venture in Capital Markets.

“All went really well with Go-Trade!! I’m glad, with your help, we were able to identify this so quickly.”

We performed horizon scanning to explore how BAE’s compliance capabilities could be applied to adjacent use cases within Capital Markets. We formed several early opportunity areas and tested our opportunity hypotheses with potential customers on the buy and sell side. Based on prioritisation criteria we selected an opportunity to progress to concept design. The opportunity area focused on answering the unmet needs of medium-sized asset managers and funds who don’t have the capital to afford bespoke end-to-end order management systems but need to professionalise their compliance capabilities.

Working with BAE’s internal design team, in less than 10 days we created and validated our new concept – Go-Trade!